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Vacancy: Aspire Food Group Ghana Job Vacancy : Field Sales Associate

Date 13 Sep 2018
Company Aspire Food Group Ghana
Location Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana
Job Type Full-Time
Industry Sales / Marketing
Region Kumasi
About the organization: Aspire Food Group is an international social enterprise dedicated to the sustainable practice of farming edible insects. With offices in the US and Ghana, Aspire seeks to farm locally desired insects as a way to address food insecurity. In Ghana, Aspire farms the palm weevil larva, a local delicacy that has been traditionally harvested. In addition, Aspire Ghana has also taught several hundred farmers in Southern and Central Ghana to be able to farm their own larva as a source of household animal protein and as an opportunity for increased income. Aspire Ghana seeks to rapidly scale its production, co-develop packaged products, take advantage of export opportunities to other West African countries, and to advance research on the palm weevil larvae.
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