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Vacancy: Ongoing Recruitment at AITI-KACE (Over 10+ Recommended Jobs Update)

Date 19 Jan 2018
Location Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana
Job Type Full-Time
Industry Education
Region Greater Accra
AITI-KACE has a world of professionals who are committed to the free flow of knowledge and the use of technology to develop human resources required for the development of Ghana and Africa through ICT training. With a staff of about 35 from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, AITI-KACE is made up of a dynamic team of dedicated IT professionals with a wide-range of technological skills and expertise. We provide equal opportunities irrespective of gender and it must be noted that projects such as i2Cap and Project Kane, a youth-driven project using ICT as an innovating tool in education to name a few, were coordinated by women.
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